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Always and never the same. 

Under everchanging skies, I lift my gaze. Layers of clouds and light race across the horizon. They are reminders that no matter how bad the weather is, it is temporary. The strongest storms are powerful and dark but behind them are the brightest skies. Tracing the outline of clouds with my eyes, I capture it. Soon, everything will look different. These paintings are the first stages of a new, deeply personal collection. I immerse myself in nature, fascinated by its impermanence and resiliency.


After facing a near-fatal illness, it’s comforting that dramatic change can be so beautiful. When the news is bad, we’re sick or feeling sad, we need a reason to look up. A motive to lift your eyes, let in the light and feel the sunshine warm your skin. From almost anywhere, you can see the sky. We fight the changes in our existence but it is futile. We are always and never the same.

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