Frances Tyler is an award-winning international Fine Artist and Artist Educator in watercolor, acrylic
and mixed media. A love of travel and nature are reflected in her paintings. Her work is colorful, energetic and often includes influences from her artist residencies and time abroad.

Frances earned a Bachelor of Science, Communications; Advertising graduating magna cum laude from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. During her time at UT, she also studied Fine Art with concentrations in painting and drawing. She went on to graduate from The Creative Circus Art and Advertising (Portfolio) School in Atlanta, GA with a degree in Art Direction/Graphic Design.

Active in the arts community, Frances is a member of several art and professional organizations in the U.S. and abroad. An expert in the uses and properties of fine art materials, Frances works with several brands as an Artist Ambassador and Educator. With her knowledge and skills, she is in demand as a workshop instructor and demonstrator worldwide.  

Frances has received numerous awards and honors for her achievements in art and design.


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