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Watercolor and Acrylic on Arches Paper

Elemental Everglades Jewelry Collection

Drawing from the sights, feelings and textures of her many Everglades explorations, Artist Frances Tyler encourages you to experience the Everglades on a sensory level. Elemental Everglades Jewelry is handmade and inspired by the plants, animals, colors, textures and people of the South Florida wilderness.


This Jewelry Exhibit is part of a largermulti-media collection, Elemental Everglades that delves into the Everglades and Florida wildlife. The Collection includes paintings, mixed-media works and jewelry designs. All pieces in this collection are available for purchase unless otherwise indicated.


The gallery below contains Jewelry by Frances Tyler. Click on an item to view a larger image and an item description. The Gallery is updated regularly with new work. If the piece you're interested in is SOLD, you may request a similar piece be custom made for you. There will be slight variations from the designs shown here because the jewelry is handmade and often includes natural materials. You may also order custom designs, specific materials (sterling silver, semi-precious stones, etc.) or other special items. To purchase Jewelry or commission a piece, please contact us.


Elemental Everglades Jewelry Gallery


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